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King's Gate London. Releasing the Kingdom of God through the power of His love.

Barbara Burridge
Barbara Burridge

As a painter my heart is to show God's love for everyone in my work. I worship as I paint and I feel God's pleasure as I do so. Since all creation comes from our Creator God I believe we can all reflect and celebrate Him through the medium of the arts, and I want to make Jesus accessible to everyone in this age through my painting. I also love to play a part in setting up creative workshops to enable others to share in the joyful expression of God's love for them and the world.

I studied art for eight years, first at art school, then at the Royal College of Art in the Printmaking Department, graduating with an ARCA in Printmaking. I then taught Printmaking as Head of Department at Croydon College of Art for three years. After having children I worked doing producing paintings for TV sets and it is only in recent years I’ve had the time to paint more earnestly.

I've been at King's Gate from the first early meeting at the Moravian Church in September 2008. I had heard Ian McCormack’s testimony years ago at Christchurch Fulham which impacted me and touched my heart as I was, and still am, a mother praying for my children. I heard Ian was starting a church fellowship in London and I was invited to attend the first meeting to find out what it was all about. I liked what I saw and heard, so I stayed!