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King's Gate London. Releasing the Kingdom of God through the power of His love.
King's Gate London King's Gate London King's Gate London
We are a community of friends who love God, love one another, and who regularly make time to encounter God’s presence through worship.

We are on a journey of learning how to work together to hear and release the heart-song of God and sounds of Heaven. In the process, we're discovering that our own corporate sound is becoming more real, honest, raw and free.  We are dreaming about hosting more of God’s manifest glory on earth, and recording and releasing our live worship, capturing the unique passion and sound of King’s Gate so that it can be shared with, and bless, the wider Church. We are passionate about equipping a whole new generation of worshipers to arise, as one, and release the unique, passionate sound God has placed in their hearts together. We encourage you to watch this space if these things are of interest to you.

In the meantime - freely we've received, so freely we'd love to give. We invite you to download and listen to free tracks, make use of our chord sheets and lyrics, and enjoy some of our live worship recordings here.