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King's Gate London. Releasing the Kingdom of God through the power of His love.

Pip & Sophie Earl
Pip & Sophie Earl

Where are you from or where you born?
Pip: Dorset, UK
Sophie: London, UK

What drew you to King’s Gate?
Pip: When I heard Ian share his vision on the Five Fold ministry in our home, it was as if the deepest hopes of my heart were being brought to light.

What are your roles at King’s Gate?
Pip: I am a part of the core leadership team and I currently lead the’ Intro Group’ in the Moravian Chapel and the Family Nights
Sophie: I’m also part of the core leadership alongside my husband, and help to organise our church weekends away.

What are you passionate about?
Pip: I am passionate about seeing every individual stand up to walk in their God given destinies.  That we would know who we are in Christ and fulfil those God-given talents and desires to be a part of changing the world for Him. (I quite like fishing too!)
Sophie: I am passionate about seeing people healed, especially the broken-hearted and broken families, whereby past hurts can no longer keep us from being totally free to live life to the full.

We are both passionate to see all of this manifest itself in a church family bound together by and experiencing the power of God’s love.

What is your vision?
For King’s Gate to be a safe, loving, family environment, where people can worship freely and “grow up” into the fullness of their potential.  We believe God is calling us to be a part of the “End Time Army” that will usher in the greatest manifestation of God yet to be experienced, and to equip others to do the same. We long to see unity within the whole Body of Christ, and for God’s Kingdom to be released by the power of His love - in London, the UK and throughout the world. 

What experience do you bring to the leadership team?
Before coming to KG we were committed members of our previous church where we served and gained experience in various different areas including leading a sizeable Pastorate and being on the Prayer Ministry Team. Back in 1999 we spent a year in Africa with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).
Pip: I served in the Army for 8 years in which time I had the honour of leading men in all sorts of situations, am widely travelled and am currently running a building company with my brother which I started up in 1999.
Sophie: Before having children I helped organise international conferences for our church, and trained as a Christian Counsellor.