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King's Gate London. Releasing the Kingdom of God through the power of His love.

Ian & Jane McCormack
Ian & Jane McCormack

Where were from or where were you born?
Ian: New Zealand
Jane: USA/Canada
Our eldest children (Lisa & Michael) were born in New Zealand and our youngest (Sarah) was born in Worthing in the UK.

What drew you to King's Gate?
We were ministering in New Zealand when the Lord said to us “London’s calling”. We had a vision for a new wine skin based around the fivefold ministry and once we came to the UK in 2007 we began to share that vision, joining with others who had a similar heart.

What are your roles at King's Gate?
We are part of the core leadership team and the Eldership of the church.

What are you passionate about?
We’re passionate about God's manifest presence coming to everyone. We love to worship and believe there is an open heaven allowing us access to God’s glory and presence. We’re passionate about the fivefold ministry, revival breaking out, church planting, seeing miracles, reaping a harvest through evangelism, discipleship of believers, people knowing the Father heart of God, and teaching equipping and training others.

What is your vision?
To see the world saved by our Lord Jesus.

What experience do you bring to the leadership team?
Before we came to London to plant King’s Gate we served the church in various capacities for 30 years including pastoral and evangelistic roles, prophetic, teaching, missions and church planting.

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